From the most beautiful water, coral, and landscapes, to the best tour group EVER — today was the best day of my trip! I mean, I got to see a real, live Nemo… Best. Day. EVER. ?

I had to split this vlog into two parts because it was so eventful that it has already hit over 12 minutes. Huge shoutout to the entire tour group!! Miss you guys lots! We witnessed Coron’s beauty together, almost tipped the boat over, and now each of us has friends all over the world!

I have never seen such clear water in my life. Pair that with the most vibrant coral, tropical fish and stunning landscapes — today was a serious sensory overload (in the best way possible). There is something about being out on a boat that instantly makes your day great. Now add sweet and adventourous people and you’ve got the best day ever…

:: VLOG 69 PART I ::

:: VLOG 69 PART II ::

After the tour I quickly rushed to get back to Mt. Tapyas to meet the kids I met the day before for the sunrise. Our tour ran a bit late so I unfortunately missed the sun actually setting but still met up with them on the steps!

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