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I love to photograph textures — especially textures found in nature. Many of the photographs I take are closeups of various objects, focusing on their texture. I think that zoomed-in views of textured objects are very aesthetically pleasing. I’m not sure if this is only me — but I love when you see a photo of something textured and your brain automatically recalls what that feels/imagines what it would feel like.

You can see the direction that the paintbrush was pulled over the aluminum trail marker and where the bristles left brush marks in the pink paint. The scores in the trunk of the tree look as if they were manmade and you can see where the bark has begun separating from the trunk. The outer layer of the weathered nails have begun to chip, revealing the inside of the nail.

This photo was taken at the Ramapo County Reservation during a family hike on a crisp, frigid January afternoon. It is not easy trying to carry a camera, keep up with my brothers, dad, & Nova (our white Catahoula Leopard dog) while stopping randomly to take pictures… 357 to be exact. I’m just glad I didn’t drop my camera! I’m sure I’ll be sharing other photos from this hike in later posts.




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