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4 CREPES LATER…10801672_10152552536056028_1112654591838216851_n

I was going to try and limit myself to one post per day — but since I just started my blog, I keep wanting to add more and more. Also, Shane (my little brother/partner in overeating) and I just got back from my favorite place to eat in Westwood: Sogno Coffeehouse. While I cannot attest to Cafe Anello’s dishes YET ((the restaurant connected to the coffeeshop) I have only heard great things), everything at Sogno Coffeehouse is to die for.

My love for this adorable coffee shop began one freezing January morning when Kevin and I were searching for a place to stop for breakfast before we both went back to school. Kevin said he heard how good the crepes are, so we decided to stop in. The first thing I noticed was the dueling crepe makers — which I really should invest in for my kitchen — and the pastries that lined your walk to register. The staff is super sweet and makes your dining experience even better. Not only are the crepes delicious, both the savory and the sweet ones, they have red velvet hot chocolate… I have yet to describe my love for red velvet anything on here, but I never say no to anything that is red velvet/red velvet flavored. I highly recommend the r.v. hot chocolate as well, even if it is July 24.

Another night, Kev and I stopped in before a movie for crepes for dinner — because that is what happens when you date me #crepeseverydamnday #foreverymeal — and learned that you can get them to go! So now there is no excuse not to go grab one.

So back to today… After picking Shane up from his lax practice he was starved. And of course I followed suit, because I always… always am. We considered Chipotle, but it was 11:30AM (which means nothing to me, but I weirdly wasn’t in the mood for Chipotle). As we got to Five Corners in Westwood and I asked Shane if he’d be down for crepes and he said yes, I parked in the first spot I saw. We walked over to the best place in the world and began ordering crepes.

First, The Broadway Crepe.



I do have to say this one is my all-time favorite. Thanks to Kev, who ordered it for himself and let me eat more than half off of his plate — you’re the best. So today, I suggested it to Shaneman and he and I both got our own. Anything that contains prosciutto, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, and balsamic is bound to be heavenly.

Next, The Jersey Shore.


Perfect for breakfast — and breakfast is perfect whenever. Taylor ham, eggs, and your choice of cheese. I chose pepper jack to add a little bit of spice. While ordering our third crepe the chef said, “Wow! You guys must be hungry!”. Little did they know we had planned on a fourth — but you can’t just order them all at once otherwise they’ll get cold, you know?

Last but not least, The Bergen Crepe.


I believe every meal should end with dessert. With my crazy sweet tooth there was no way we were leaving without a sweet crepe also. This crepe is filled with Nutella, strawberries, and bananas. When I went up the third time to place an order for our fourth crepe, the chefs said, “I was not expecting you to eat this much”.  If only I had a dollar for every time I heard that.

So this is a PSA to all my Northern Jersey readers… Get there.

P.S. They also have Macron Cafe macarons(another one of my favorites), which I only can get in NYC while at school, so look out for those also!




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