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We ate pig brain for the first time — and maybe the last.

It all started when my dad and I went out for lunch a couple weeks ago at a Szechuan spot in the new neighborhood. We feasted on solely dumplings that afternoon, but while looking over the menu some exotic dishes caught my eye. There were frog legs and ox tongue, but one especially stood out. I almost laughed when I first read it; “Spicy Pork Brain” was clearly typed on their specialty menu. And I kid you not… first thing that came to mind was, “We should totally try this for the first time and I should vlog it”. And right then and there, #DOITFORTHEVLOG was born. Also, I was running out of facts to tell during ice breaking exercises and two truths & a lie — ya know?! ?

I have used my blog, and will now use my vlog/YouTube Channel as well, to try, test, taste and explore new things. Not all days will be as culinarily adventurous as this vlog — but I promise I will constantly be seeking new adventures. Speaking of adventures, keep an eye out for an upcoming post telling you a but more about my travel plans!

So while some of you may be super grossed out, and some of you may be inspired to get out of your comfort zone (with something other than hog brain) — let me know what you think!

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