I am happiest when hiking. Views + family + dogs. I swear it doesn’t get better.

I spend all day on my computer + glued to my phone. While I genuinely don’t mind because I love creating content, getting outside is just as important to me.

Breakneck Ridge has been on my list of places to hike for while now. However, being an hour ride away & a vigorous hike, you have to have a full day free to enjoy it! So this past Monday, Presidents Day, was perfect. We left a little later than planned, so we only made it to one of the four marked scenic lookouts — but I was more than happy with this hike. I am so glad Alyssa and I skipped leg day the gym prior to the hike because it is a serious workout.

There are multiples trails, and of course we unknowing chose the steepest scramble up… with my two dogs. They were troopers, and Nero only took a break (in my arms) once. ? You can see the full hike + drone footage below!




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